Considering a Short Sale? Answer These Questions First



While you may have heard that selling your home as a short
sale can be a long, frustrating, and sometimes futile process, the tide may be
turning as lenders have become increasingly more amenable to short sales. Many
lenders, says real estate professional and educator Gee Dunsten, are viewing
short sales in a more favorable light after suffering through failed loan
modifications and countless foreclosures.

Before embarking on the short
sale process, however, talk to a REALTOR® who is experienced in the area of
distressed properties. Dunsten asks all his clients to start by completing the
following questionnaire. One of the top reasons short sales fail is because the
home seller never actually qualified for one in the first place. Answering the
following questions accurately and thoroughly will determine whether your home
is eligible for a short sale:

  1. Is your property currently on the market? Is it listed with an agent?
  2. Is this your primary residence?
  3. When was the property purchased?
  4. What was the original purchase price?
  5. Who holds the mortgage?
  6. What kind of loan do you have? (FHA, VA, Conventional)
  7. Do you have any other liens against your property?
  8. Who is on the title (or deed) for the property?
  9. Who is on the mortgage?
  10. Do you have mortgage insurance?
  11. Are you current with your payments? If not, how far in arrears are you?
  12. How much do you owe?
  13. Why do you need/want to sell?
  14. What caused you or will be causing you to miss your mortgage payment
  15. Do you have funds in accounts that could be used to satisfy the deficiency?
  16. Are you currently living in the property? If not, where are you living and
    is the property being maintained?
  17. How soon do you need to move?
  18. Are you up to date on your condo or HOA payments (where applicable)?
  19. Do you owe any back taxes?
  20. Are you considering filing for bankruptcy protection?
  21. Are you currently pursuing a loan modification with your lender?
  22. Who is occupying the property?
  23. Do you hold or are you subject to any type of security clearance related to
    your job?
  24. What are your plans after you sell?
  25. Are you looking to receive any money from the sale of your home?
  26. How much income are you currently making from all sources?
  27. Do you anticipate any income change up or down in the not-too-distant